Pickers Creek winery is thrilled to feature TWO artists for the month of July, as both Linda Gupton and Rick Kilpatrick will be displaying their works throughout the month.

Linda is a retired reacher, historian, author and painter.  She is known throughout Middle Tennessee for her book, A Southern Saga. which incorporates much of the history of the Columbia Anthenaeum.  Her second book, Seasons in the Southwill soon be available.   As an artist, Linda uses, oil, watercolor, and pastel in her creations, many featuring familiar southern scenes.

Rick is a dairy farmer, woodworker, and outdoorsman who transforms the wonders of nature into delightful and useful household objects.  Where others see an old burl on a tree or a lone cedar standing in a fencerow, Rick sees a work of art.   His hand hewn bowls, candle holders, hall trees, and other items would make beautiful additions to your home decor.

Please join us Sunday, July 14 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. for a reception to meet these two wonderful artists, view their works and enjoy a free tasting of the wines at Pickers Creek.