THREE DOG WHITE – a dry white wine made from 100% Vidal Blanc grapes –Our loyal winery dog, Bella, is featured on the label as she plays an integral part at the winery by greeting guests and occasionally chasing away deer and raccoons, if she feels like it. This wine, made from the Vidal Blanc grape, is dry and crisp with undertones of citrus. It is a refreshing favorite to sip on a hot, summer day. And we believe it is a “mighty fine wine.”


IN-A-GADDA-DA-VINO – a dry Tennessee Red Table Wine – Consistent with our music theme, Pickers Creek’s red table wine is named after the 1968 Iron Butterfly rock hit In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, which loosely translates as “In the garden of life.” The “garden of life” for wine drinkers is, of course, the vineyard. This wine is made from Chambourcin grapes which flourish in Tennessee, including the Pickers Creek vineyard. With rich aromas of berries and cherries, high tannins and good acidity, you are sure to enjoy this wine with pizza, spaghetti, or burgers.
MACK’S BAND – 100% Cabernet Sauvignon – dry red wine – This wine and its label honor the patriarch of the George family, Mack George, who entertained Middle Tennesseans for decades, and his band, the Tennessee Variety Boys. Aged for over a year in American oak barrels, this complex wine features flavors of vanilla, cherries, and hints of pepper and spices enhancing the long finish. Great with red meat, heavy dishes with sauces and, of course, any kind of chocolate!
HARMONY – a dry, blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – A duet of luscious Cabernet Sauvignon from the cool, high elevations of East Tennessee with Chambourcin from the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee creating a wine reflecting the unique terrain and climates of Tennessee and reminding us of the wonderful harmonies of Americana musicians throughout area. Pairs well with many southern comfort foods such as pot roast or is enjoyed on cool afternoons sitting by a fire.
GUITARZIN – Red Zinfandel – GuitarZin is a versatile red wine made from late harvest California red zinfandel grapes from the Sierra Foothills region. With a slightly sweet, jammy taste on the front, and a smooth, velvety finish, this fruity, spicy wine has moderate tannins, and hints of black cherry, plum and caramel. It pairs well with spicy sauces, sharp cheeses and hearty vegetable dishes. This wine is particularly enjoyable in the pale moonlight, and we believe it’s “dynamite, yeah, it’s out-of-sight!



FIDDLE-DEE-DEE – (Semi-sweet blush wine) – As Miss Scarlett would say, “Fiddle-dee-dee” and “I’ll worry about that tomorrow.” So sit and sip a chilled bottle of this refreshing, rosy pink, semi-sweet wine and forget all your troubles for a while. This wine is a blend of Catawba and Concord grapes with hints of citrus, cherry and sweet red plum. Match this wine with light or spicy dishes.
MOONDANCE – A sweet, white wine made from Muscat grapes. With its subtle honeysuckle aroma, this wine balances the delicate waltz between refreshing and satisfying. The citrus, pear and honey undertones will pair nicely with your favorite dance partner for a remarkable experience.


ROCKABILLY RED – A sweet red Muscadine – Rockabilly Red is a lively sweet wine that showcases the luscious natural juice of the muscadine grapes picked right here in Tennessee. With a slightly tart finish that rocks right along, Rockabilly Red is delicious when paired with grilled foods or smoky cheeses – or just turn on your favorite “oldies” station and share a bottle with your friends as you reminisce about days gone by.


BLACKBERRY BLUES – a sweet fruit wine – Pickers Creek’s sweetest wine, this dark, luscious blackberry wine evokes images of southern pickers making music as the fading glow of sunset gives way to the evening. Lie back in your hammock and enjoy this rich, sweet wine while listening to your favorite blues artists from the Allman Brothers to ZZTop and everything in between. Perfect to drink chilled on its own, or may be made into a delicious topping for ice cream or dessert, or add soda water to make a cool, refreshing spritzer.
TRIO – By blending the juices from three different grape varieties and infusing just enough sweetness, Pickers Creek Winery has developed this rich, red wine with the semi-sweet enthusiast in mind. With the rich texture of these red wine juices and the hint of barrel agin in each sip, Trio delivers a delicious tasting experience.
PROUD BERRY – The sweet smell of strawberry consumes your spirit as it enters your senses bringing back memories of sunny days and warm summer nights listening to your favorite tunes and enjoying life. Proud Berry returns you to that special time and place. Enjoy it with cheese, fruit, or by itself for a wonderful taste experience.
GIVE PEACH A CHANCE – This delicious, sweet wine will bring to mind summer days and mouth-watering freshly picked peaches. Chill out with some of Pickers Creek Peach wine all by itself or pair it with light summer dishes or your favorite cheese. With just one taste you will most definitely want to “Give Peach a Chance.”